The Organic Chocolate Factory bv (OCF) produces many kinds of organic and vegan types of chocolate in a gluten free factory. Our regular assortment contains brown and white chocolate made with ricemilk, alternatively sweetened chocolate and a dark chocolate sweetened with date sugar in stead of canesugar.


De OCF offers a wide range of products made of all the kinds of chocolates we use. Below a  summary of the possibilities

Our products

Seasonal Bars Weighed products Coated products Praline Packing


De OCF has a complete range of seasonal products for Christmas, Easter, Love or St. NIkolaus. Think of delicious christmas wreaths, easter eggs and way more. All gluten free and also available with vegan chocolate.


The possibilities for bars are endless. The OCF has a standard range of topped bars available in several themes and different toppings. Our filled praline bars are also organic, gluten free and vegan!


Weighed products

All our chocolate figures which can be bought custommade by weight and/or packing. This counts for a large part of our assortment like chocolate harts and eastereggs.


Coated products

Our range of chocolates where a centre is coated with a layer of chocolate (of course vegan and gluten free). Examples are coated dried fruits and nuts, but also cornflakes, popcorn and gluten free cookies.



An OCF specialty, the chocolates filled with a delicious praline filling made of only organic haselnuts and nothing more! An interesting addition to an organic, vegan and gluten free assortment. Available both in bars and in smaller figures like easter eggs.


The packing possibilities are endless. Everything can be packed in our flowpacker but of course also in smaller bags. We also work with specialised co-packers who are able to pack chocolates in a gluten free environment.

The OCF is a very suitable private label producer and we look forward to create your perfect packaging!